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  Sales Department

  Head of Sales Department - Jane Bai

  Email: [email protected]

  Mobile: +86(0)13506705896

  Skype : janebai2013

  QQ : 247262156

  Customer Manager – Linda Li

  Email: [email protected]

  Mobile: +86(0)15068929359

  QQ : 2060093598

  Customer Manager – Eva Hu

  Email: [email protected]

  Mobile: +86(0)15757078350

  QQ : 3339563406


  Customer Manager – Sally Zhang

  Email: [email protected]

  Mobile: +86(0)13970155054

  QQ : 2378404064

   Customer Manager – Annis  Yan
      Email: [email protected]  
      Mobile: +86(0) 13175720006

  ADD:1st Floor, Building One,No.18 Longhai Road,Qujiang District, Quzhou City,Zhejiang ,China